Common symptoms of vit d deficiency

Common symptoms of vit d deficiency

Common symptoms of vit d deficiency for both male and female. Most people are known to have these feelings when they are deficient of vitamin d.

If you have pains in your bones and you’re often tired, this is one of the common symptoms of vit d deficiency . You need to take a tin of milk immediately. Read more on food info of vitamin d milk prepare this diet to recover as fast as possible.


Overweight is one of the common symptoms of vit d deficiency to look out for, if you suddenly become overweight, then your body fat use up more vitamin d than required because vitamin d is fat soluble. In this case you need vitamin d heat producing foods to burn that extra fat. Use this best food sources of vitamin d to correct the situation.

Sweating profusely is also among the common symptoms of vit d deficiency , especially if the sweat is from the head, it shows you’re deficient of vitamin d. You can take some vitamin d supplements to treat it.
If you have gut problem which could be as a result of a gastrointestinal condition. Then it is likely your body is unable to absorb fat. When your body no longer absorbs fat, it means it is deprived of vitamin d.

Vit d deficiency is known to cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), which affected 329 million people and was ranked to be the third leading cause of death in 2012. This was further stated byWikipedia

Vitamin D is very important and should be emphasized strongly because the health issues associated with a lack in vitamin d is too hazardous to be taken lightly. Vitamin D works by increasing the regulation and absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the foods we eat. This calcium maintains and build strong healthy bones structures.

It is recommended to get a daily doze of 400iu of vitamin D. To get this daily needed vitamin D value, you should be in the sun with little or no clothing for 30 minutes, or be in the sun, fully dressed up
for about 3 hours. Vitamin D is unusual, in that it isn’t necessarily obtained from the foods we eat, but synthesized from sunlight. When sunlight hits our skin, our bodies act to manufacture the vitamin D that we need to keep our bones and body healthy.

Common symptoms of vit d deficiency

This amazing process, though, is hindered by many factors. One of which is where to get vitamin d. To get vitamin D from sunlight, the skin must be exposed outdoors. For those living north or south of the equator, it’s difficult to be outdoors in the extreme cold of the winter months. Even in the summer, people just don’t spend enough time outside to get the needed amount of vitamin D. This of course leads to vit d deficiency.

Common symptoms of vit d deficiency

Some common symptoms of vit d deficiency show up in children as rickets, where bones can soften and bend,impaired growth or short stature and in adults as osteomalacia, which is characterized by fragile bones that are more likely to break in a fall.

These common symptoms of vit d deficiency are largely prevented in areas where breakfast cereals and dairy products are fortified with vitamin D supplements as well as sunny areas like some part of North America and Southeast Africa.

Vitamin d deficiency disease and risk factor

Here is a list of vit d deficiency disease(s):

Diseases        Risk Level %
Heart diseases            62%
Thyroid disease            21 %
Hypertension            62 %
Anxiety & Depression            30 %
Dyslipidemia            35 %
Osteoporosis            26 %
Diabetes            16 %
Renal failure            20 %
Bone fractures            22 %
Apnea (Sleep obstruction)            12 %
Rickets in children            32 %
Other health issues Gum disease, dizziness, headaches, migraines, brittle nails, chronic fatigue.

Some patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are frequently hospitalized and known to also have frequent exacerbation. Which is why it is advised to take vitamin D supplements especially if you live in areas that have cold atmosphere and less sunlight. Also for those who are very busy or are unable to take the recommended 3 hours sunlight everyday, due to one reason or the other. It is imperative to take vitamin D supplement to get the daily dose of 400 iu for a healthy living.

These are some result found when vitamin D was administered in some cases.
Hearing loss was treated with vitamin D. And it was noted that some seniors who were taking below 12 mg of vitamin D were unstable and had frequent fall. Vitamin D is known to prevent fall if about 800 iu without calcium is taken.
The recommended vitamin d daily requirement is 40 nonograms (400 iu).

Vit d foods and sources.

Getting vitamin D naturally from food sources could be daunting. The best type of vitamin D that you can eat is from canned fish, especially if you eat the bones along with it. If you enjoy canned sardines, eaten bones and all, they are a great source of vitamin D and calcium too.

Canned salmon is also an excellent source of both vitamin D and calcium. But for best results you need to crush up the tiny bones that come in the can and eat them along with the salmon fish.

If you have never done this before, it’s easy to mash the bones into the meat with a fork, and they are pretty much undetectable. It is well worth the effort for the extra nutritional value.

Please note that ordinary fish bones can’t be crushed and eaten like this. The canning process softens the bones of canned sardines and salmon so that they can be eaten for the double bonus of vitamin D and calcium they contain.

Many dairy foods, especially milk, are fortified with vitamin D, so that milk-drinkers are guaranteed to get at least some of the recommended daily intake. A small amount of vitamin D is available in eggs as well.

Want a fast easy serving of vitamin D? Have a glass of milk. You might find, though, that taking a vitamin D supplement is necessary, especially if you have limited exposure to sunlight.
Check out some recommended vitamin D supplement.

Common symptoms of vit d deficiency